The Perfect Fasting Protocol by Justin Nault - E-Book

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"The Perfect Fasting Protocol"


"Let me tell you why I decided to write this e-book… I have been researching nutrition and fitness for over 15 years. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist, a Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I have helped over 500 clients transform their health, and I can safely say that throughout my entire career, my body of work, and experience, I have yet to find a single therapeutic modality more powerful than fasting. The results I have seen people achieve through this simple practice that has been available to us, for free, since the dawn of time is nothing short of amazing.
I want to help as many people as possible experience all of the potential benefits of fasting, but I understand that the idea of just “not eating" can sometimes be too scary for people and prevent them from attempting a fast. I’m going to try to remove some of the fear surrounding fasting."
  • Learn the secrets of fasting for fat loss
  • Learn the science behind fasting and what makes it so effective
  • Learn all of the different fasting protocols I use for different goals in different clients
  • Step-by-step instructions for each protocol 
  • Recommended products, supplements, tips, and tricks to make fasting easier than you ever thought possible!